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You know the drill. Discreetly unbuttoning the top button of your pants after a celebratory meal… stuffing yourself into the strongest shapewear money can buy… or hiding your discomfort in a crowd because you ate the wrong thing at the wrong time.

BLOATING. That feeling that you’re trying to house too much “you” in not-enough skin.

Here’s the thing: bloating isn’t a condition. Bloating isn’t a disease. Bloating is a symptom, typically of indigestion.

But there’s hope!

Just as bloating is a symptom, food can be the solution.

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About Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

Board-certified naturopathic physician, certified nutrition consultant, natural anti-aging and weight-loss transformation expert

As a doctor and clinical researcher, Dr. Kellyann has worked tirelessly to perfect a diet that actually works and regular people can succeed on without starving or being forced to eat bland tasteless food.

You may have seen Kellyann on one of her many appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, where she's talked about bloating, collagen, bone broth and other ways to improve your body's health and function.

She is also the driving force behind the website, and has authored seven books including the New York Times Bestselling book "The Bone Broth Diet", "Living Paleo for Dummies" and her brand new book "The 10-Day Belly Slimdown."

Dr. Petruccci has been featured on Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, ABC, NBC, CBS, The Doctors, in Time Magazine and the Wall Street Journal and was the host of her own hit PBS special.